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Voice Solutions

To reduce telephony and communication costs, we assist businesses to utilise a predictable, cost effective solution that is both location independent as well as easily managed.  To meet this need, VTN Communications offers a range of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Platform Solutions. We utilise a Tier 1 Network Service Provider whereby VTN Communications is a Tier 2 Service Provider with all relevant cross-connections in place. Voice solutions are carrier-grade and capable of handling thousands of concurrent Voice calls via a country wide multi protocol label switching data network.

The benefit of our VoIP solution is that it integrates seamlessly with any business’s existing network architecture and it is not necessarily required to upgrade any existing equipment. A Voice Solution allows you to route voice calls via your data network to other branches. VTN Communications can offer a voice Solutions via SIP Trunking on your existing equipment or install a VoIP Gateway that is compatible to all PABX Systems, dependent individually on every companies’ requirements.

You will also be able to route voice calls through the VoIP solution to local, national, mobile or international destinations at rates of up to 70% cheaper than by fixed line. Aside from the cost effectiveness of this product, the VoIP solutions will provide your business with the following:

  • Superior quality of service
  • Expedited voice data across the network
  • Fraud detection and monitoring capabilities
  • Redundant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity
  • All calls billed per second with no minimum call charge
  • Lower rates between customers using any VoIP solution
  • All calls between branches are free on our network.

VTN Communications utilises multiple Layer 2 Services that are directly connected from your premises to the VTN Voice Core in Teraco, ensuring that there is no internet breakout on the services to interfere with Voice Quality.

VTN Communications

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