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Hosted Solutions

VTN Communications is a Proud Supplier of True Hosted Solutions, that are designed for Businesses that would like to move away from the traditional PABX Systems, into a True Hosted Environment.

True Hosted Solutions are Cost Effective as the Initial Hardware Cost is minimal, and subject to change dependent on the number of Seat(Extensions) required for your Business.

A System Specialist at VTN Communications is standing by to assist with a Cost Effective True Hosted Solution Today!

Hosted Solutions include all Basic PABX Functionalities listed Below:

  • Basic VoiceMail/Auto Attendant
  • Voice Recordings Kept for 30 days- no extra costs.
  • Transferring of Calls, without a Physical PABX onsite,
  • At an additional cost, VTN Communications can set up the CallCabinet (International POPI Compliant Interface) to store the recordings for a period of 5 years, as there is already CallCabinet presence in our Voice Core.
  • VTN Communications can utilize current SIP Phone Equipment, as our VoIP Technology is compatible with all SIP Enabled Handsets.

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