Why Your Company Needs Hosted Solutions

/Why Your Company Needs Hosted Solutions

Why Your Company Needs To Make Use of Hosted Solutions


Hosted solutions can help your company to save on communication and data management costs. By eliminating upfront equipment and installation expenses, you don’t need as much to get started as with an in-house server or PBX system.

It also means more reliable communication and thus less interruption in productivity. For a business to grow and compete in the fast-paced global economy, it is paramount to consider all options when it comes to the latest technology and IT schemes.

Top reasons to get an upgrade

For hosted solutions, we use 3CX. This is a communications solution for the cloud, which allows you to be in control when it comes to your data. Below are six reasons you should consider hosted solutions for your business:

  • Employees are not office-bound.
  • Uncomplicated and user-friendly.
  • Cost-effective over time.
  • Low setting up fee.
  • Creates a professional image.
  • Simplified removal of lines.

Outsourcing and Working From Home

With our hosted solutions, it is possible for staff members to work from anywhere. Imagine all the money you can save by not having to give an office or work area to every employee. It also offers the opportunity of outsourcing more work instead of having to employ multiple permanent workers. By using a system designed to make communications easy and effective, you can have contractors across the country handle communication, selling and administrative tasks.

Low Maintenance

It is also a massive plus to know that our hosted solutions require little or no maintenance from your side. Technical support is an email or phone call away.

Keeping a Record of Everything

Don’t you just hate it when an important voicemail has reached the expiry date and gets deleted before you get to listen to it? With our hosted solutions, your voice recordings are saved for up to a month without any additional costs. There is also the alternative of keeping them for half a decade if needed. We offer it as an add-on service. This can assist you in many ways, one being that you can always go back over a conversation if necessary. You can thus have calls recorded for quality control purposes (with permission from the callers). Should a dispute arise over the terms of an agreement, you have the voice recording to work with.

Boosting the Corporate Status of Your Business

With so many entrepreneurs to compete with nowadays, it is vital that your organisation has a respectable name. Branding and marketing can play a massive role in the success of a company. If you have two options for roughly the same price, there is no doubt that the one you’ll choose is the familiar brand. By deciding on a quality phone and communication system, you are one step closer to selling your brand as a trusted one. Our 3CX software and hosted solutions help your firm to save on communication costs, making it affordable to use various platforms to market and build customer relationships.

In Conclusion

With hosted solutions, your firm saves money while having the benefits of in-house PBX. Get in touch for more information on how our 3CX technology can help streamline business communication.

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