Which PABX System to Choose – Conventional, IP-Based or Virtual

/Which PABX System to Choose – Conventional, IP-Based or Virtual

If your business is still small and growing, it doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from a PABX system. True, a conventional PABX system may be too expensive to install and maintain for a smaller business with ten or so employees; however, a virtual PBX solution can help your company compete with larger ones because of the improved communication it affords, to say nothing of the enhanced professional image. Let us discuss a few of the important reasons to consider a virtual or IP based PABX system.

Instead of requiring several numbers, your business can have just one number with several extensions. Calls can be transferred to employees at their desks without the caller having to phone the specific extension. If your company receives many incoming calls, you can benefit from the call-waiting, transferring, and forwarding functions that are available.

A conventional PABX entails additional cable installations for every new handset or connection point. Keeping in mind that your business is growing, having to upgrade to cater for new employees every now and then can become costly. In addition, the system must be maintained. With IP-based and virtual PBX, you don’t need additional cabling for new connections. Additional connections are quick and it is even possible to have remote employees receive their calls or messages. Your employees will thank you for their newfound mobility.

The Difference Between Conventional, Virtual, and IP PBX Solutions

With a conventional solution, calls are transferred to different departments through the use of landlines. With virtual PBX, no extra equipment is installed. The service is provided off-site and your business can have all the features of a conventional system through subscription. With the IP-based system, Voice over IP (VoIP) is used, so you don’t need a subscription and have superb control over the solution. In fact, it can significantly reduce your call costs. But with this solution, you also need to install and maintain a network.

If you have an existing network with sufficient bandwidth, that can be used and your installation cost is thus lower. In addition, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee. For a smaller business, the virtual solution works best; for a medium-sized one, the IP-based option is the solution; and for the larger business that wants to save on long-distance calls, switching from the conventional PABX to the IP-based solution is the answer.

Why Our Services and Solutions

We understand that companies of different sizes require different solutions, so our products are customised to meet clients’ requirements. As such, you can rest assured that we will give you a cost-effective communication solution that can grow with your company. Our service record speaks for itself – at VTN, every client is important, regardless of the size of their business.

Rental Options

You don’t have to make a large capital investment; instead, you can opt for one of our rental solutions. This enables you to install a conventional PABX system, switch to an IP-based solution, or go the subscription route with the virtual PBX solution. Get in touch for a PBX tailored to your business’s needs.

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