The Solution is Hosted PABX

/The Solution is Hosted PABX

Hosted PABX

Having a single business number makes it easier to list in directories and provide contact details. As a small business, you may not have the capital available to install and maintain a conventional- PABX system. However, you still want the ability to route calls to consultants and keep outgoing lines open.

The Solution is Hosted PABX

With this system, you can have the same features and benefits as with an in-house PABX but at a lower cost. With hosted PABX you can upgrade, change connection points, add more users, and enjoy extra features without the hefty price tag associated with an in-house PABX. This means your company can have the same professional image as large competitors.

Just imagine being able to give your mobile teams the ability to access their emails, listen to messages, and make calls while on the road. Instead of them having to come to the office, they can perform these functions as if they are there.

For instance, sales teams today can access their calls, emails, and marketing applications on smartphones. Because your sales team is always on the move, they’re rarely in the office to answer calls. Traditionally, office-bound staff needed to answer calls. Hosted PABX systems aren’t located in your office buildings, so routing calls to sales staff downtown is no different than routing those calls to a desk in your office.

Some people are not willing to use their own phones for work. This is usually because of security issues. In these instances, roaming staff need to be issued with a company phone and end up with the unwieldy situation of having to check both their own phones and the company phones for calls. Hosted PABX systems can solve this problem. These systems can route calls made to the company phone to mobile devices, employees can give the office number to clients and customers—the system can then map that number to the employee’s phone. This means that calls can be received on the employee’s own phone without having to give out a private phone number.


When it comes to picking a telephone system, the best small-business phone system is easy to spot. The advantages of this phone service are so clear that you won’t even need to consider a traditional direct phone line or an in-house PBX system. The benefits of hosted PABX services offer functions that aren’t available through any other telephone-network configuration.

If you’re interested in getting a hosted PABX phone system for your small business, take a look at the AccessDirect website. You will see a range of plans that let you pick the phone services you need to give your enterprise the flexibility and big business image you’re looking for. You don’t have to be a telecommunications expert to get your company top-drawer PBX services, and you don’t need to pay an expensive consultant to come and analyse your business’s needs. If you have any questions about these phone systems, contact our team today for a no-cost consultation.

Getting started with an AccessDirect hosted PBX system can be done quickly and easily online. It doesn’t matter where in the country your business is – we have you covered. Learn more about our phone systems and get started today.

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