Stay Competitive with Business Fibre

/Stay Competitive with Business Fibre

How Business Fibre Helps Your Company to Stay Competitive


Most businesses use Internet marketing to reach a wider audience nowadays. Business fibre has thus become an essential rather than a luxury.

From phone calls to selling and providing online chat support, there are ample reasons to have a stable and fast connection for your workplace. Imagine having 50 or more employees trying to get their jobs done on a slow Internet connection. It can take hours to complete the simplest tasks, especially if they need to stream videos or download and upload large files. Therefore, a new and innovative solution is business fibre.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that come with the installation of this system. These include:

  • Fast and reliable browsing.
  • Stronger signal and lower latency.
  • Secure and safe connection.
  • Increased bandwidth at affordable prices.
  • Equal upload and download speed.

Minimal Interference for Ongoing Business Communication

You may have heard about electrical interferences on normal copper cable-based Internet and communication. These electromagnetic interferences are commonly caused by heavy machinery close by.

Well, that becomes a thing of the past with a fibre connection. This means if you’re on a conference call with another company, you won’t lose signal over someone else’s equipment interfering with the signal transfer. Besides being resistant to electromagnetic issues, fibre also doesn’t let you down in stormy weather conditions.

Reach Others Faster

What a low latency means is that data is sent faster from one place to another. It means that you’ll be able to get remote support from your IT technician through remote desktop without delays in communication. It also benefits you if you’re using Voice over IP services. With low latency, downloading and uploading can occur without disruption. No more waiting for large files to send during lunchtime. Long-distance communication is almost immediately without the uneasy silence before the voice communication comes through.

Reduce the Risk of Downtime Because of Cable Theft

Criminals can easily sabotage an ADSL line. However, with business fibre, they require at least heavy-duty equipment and strong determination to attempt it. The only possible way to sabotage the business fibre is for them to cut or break the actual cable that’s buried underground. Whereas copper used in conventional broadband cables is often stolen, the fibre strands don’t have recycle value. As such, the risk of cable damage and theft is considerably lower than with conventional copper cables.

Cost Over Profit

With increased bandwidth, you won’t suffer from throttling or running out of bandwidth at peak periods. With speed not decreasing when major traffic is on the line, your business can improve productivity. This will surely increase your company’s annual revenue because employees can get more done in a given day than when having to work with slow speeds and limited bandwidth.

What is Symmetric Speed?

The term refers to uploading and downloading at the same pace. With normal lines, the upload speed is not nearly equal to how fast one can download. Instead of it taking you, for example, 15 minutes to upload and a few minutes to download, it takes the same time to do either. Business fibre thus makes it easier for staff to communicate and share information.

In Conclusion

The technology provides for fast up and download speed, reliability, no bottlenecks in bandwidth and reduced latency. Get business fibre and compete with your rivals on an equal level. Enquire about our affordable solutions.

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