PABX: How to Improve Communications with A Cost-effective Alternative

/PABX: How to Improve Communications with A Cost-effective Alternative

Smaller companies require cost-effective and scalable PABX solutions to ensure affordable communication and competitiveness. Our solutions fill the gap. Future technology is used to enable optimal communication and this is possible because we provide hosted PABX solutions that include tools for voice and video calling, web conferencing, instant messaging, and more.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a system that makes automatic telephone switching at business premises possible. With it, the company has a single number. All calls are received through the number and are then switched to the right person. With a conventional system, the voice system is separate from the data network and is owned by the company where it is installed. Cables are used to connect the various receivers. Upgrading or adding more receivers entails more switches, cables, and handsets. It is an expensive endeavour and not cost-effective for smaller companies.

With hosted PBX, the system is maintained and hosted off-site by the Voice over IP (VoIP) service company. It much like a conventional system but with call routing possible to the company’s off-site offices. The system is more flexible, cheaper to maintain, easier to upgrade, and uses a single line for voice and data communication.

It is possible to choose a hybrid solution that includes the benefits of hosted PBX but with the addition of a card that makes it possible to communicate through the use of SIP IP protocols, enabling connection to IP-based phones. Should either the VoIP or the PBX server be down, the system switches to the other, allowing for maximum uptime. It is the perfect solution for a company with numerous remote workers or offices. It is somewhat more expensive than virtual or hosted solutions but offers more flexibility and functionality.

We offer both hosted and hybrid solutions. Our voice solutions offer various SIP and gateway-technology applications that make it possible to save as much as 70% on communication costs. These solutions can be integrated with your firm’s current network architecture without having to upgrade your equipment.

The hosted solutions allow you to have basic voicemail or automatic attendants. You can keep voice recordings for 30 days at no extra cost. Call transferring is possible without an on-site PABX. You can have a Call Cabinet with an international POPI-compliant interface for storing recordings for as long as five years at a nominal charge. Your current SIP phone equipment can be used, as our technology is SIP-compatible.

Finance Available

We make it possible to enjoy the benefits of our hosted solutions without a large upfront capital investment. Instead, we offer a rental option that enables you to get new equipment in addition to the solution and have the cost spread over a specific period – the asset is paid for while you use it. Rental makes it a monthly tax-deductible expense. It is paid from the operational budget, eliminating the need to obtain approval for large capital outlays. The rental equipment can be updated when needed, ensuring access to the latest technology without having to wait until you have enough capital to pay for upgrades.

Experience all these benefits. Get in touch for more information on our hosted PABX solution for smaller companies.

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