Office Automation: Don’t Ignore These Essentials

/Office Automation: Don’t Ignore These Essentials

Although office automation entails far more than just the streamlining of copying, scanning, faxing, and printing functions using multifunctional machines, this type of equipment forms an integral part of the process. Here are some benefits of installing multifunctional copiers as part of your office-automation processes.

Reduce Energy Use

Electricity costs contribute to overheads. Every machine plugged into the grid requires electricity, even if it is in sleep mode. Instead of having several machines to handle scanning, copying, and printing, you can install one machine to handle the tasks of numerous fax machines, scanners, printers, and copiers. Of course, you may need to install one for each department or perhaps two on a floor, depending on the office layout and number of users. You may also need to keep some of the desktop printers or one or two specialised ones but, at the end of the day, the reduced load on the electricity supply means cost savings for your business.

  • Go green and reduce your environmental footprint with automation. Older machines are not as energy-efficient as newer ones. Today’s multifunctional printers offer a host of environmentally friendly design features. When it thus comes to office automation, you can also improve your company’s sustainability profile with the inclusion of the all-in-one copiers. These machines offer features such as file sharing, storage, and output in several formats. The documents can be scanned and stored for direct sharing without printing.
  • Improve cost control. With print-management software to allow for monitoring of ink or toner levels, usage statistics, paper use, and more, you gain more control over cost management. You don’t have to physically monitor paper or toner use. The software makes it possible to analyse and plan for when toner must be ordered, paper replaced, and services or maintenance scheduled.
  • Improve mobility. Employees can send print jobs to the printers from their mobile devices from anywhere in the office. This provides for better mobility, translating into higher productivity.
  • Manage repetitive tasks. Instead of an employee having to manually select every print or copy job, settings can be customised for each employee. A press of a button is all that’s needed to repeat a particular print job. Automation is about streamlining functions and reducing costs. This is made possible with the installation of multifunctional copiers and printers.
  • The importance of IP-based camera surveillance as part of office automation. Around-the-clock camera surveillance from anywhere is essential to reduce the risks of theft, fraud, and misuse of company resources. In also plays an important role in access control and monitoring of employees’ time attendance. With surveillance in place, your company mitigates risks effectively, using fewer resources to do so. Surveillance also helps with monitoring critical machines and functions on the premises. Monitoring can be done from a remote location, helping with identifying obvious problems without having to be at the site. Fewer employees are needed to manage security.

Let us help your company to enjoy the benefits of streamlining through office automation. Get in touch for more information and help to make the transitioning from labour- and equipment-intensive tasks to time-efficient handling of essential functions.

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