How We Help Companies Benefit from Office Automation with Rental Options

/How We Help Companies Benefit from Office Automation with Rental Options

Office automation enables companies to save on security, administration, communication, and data storage costs. It also makes savings regarding space, electricity usage, personnel salaries, and consumables possible. Companies can reduce costs while improving productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. Repetitive tasks can be automated and handled by equipment. This makes it possible to allocate staff resources to more complex tasks. Anything from accounting and facilities management to copying and security can form part of automating tasks.

Data and voice solutions such as hosted PBX and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enable companies to use the same network for data and voice communications. Instead of expensive on-site PABX systems, these businesses have virtual PBX and VoIP. This allows for connecting remote offices and more mobility for employees who can receive their voicemail messages at their homes or on the road. They can connect to the company’s system without having to be at the office.

Multifunctional printers help to reduce clutter. Instead of several machines to handle separate tasks such as faxing, scanning, sorting, and copying, a single machine is installed that can handle the mentioned tasks and more. Everything from duplex colour printing and stapling to document storage and emailing of scanned documents can be handled from one multifunctional printer. With the latest technology, it is possible for employees to send print jobs to the copiers from their mobile phones. Software is installed to help monitor resource usage while print authorisation can be limited according to job title.

A single multifunctional printer uses less energy than several machines. It takes up less space and its maintenance costs are lower. Two or three such machines can handle the jobs of many types of printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines. Of course, multifunctional printers form only one part of the process. IP-camera monitoring and connected security are also part of automation. As such, central monitoring is possible while cable-based installations are reduced. The security footage can be stored in the cloud, helping to reduce the need for on-site servers that require maintenance, space, and electricity.

Business fibre also helps to increase the speed of data transmission and enables companies to maximise the benefits of remote web conferencing rather than having to host physical meetings and conferences. At VTN Communications, we understand how office automation can help companies reduce costs while improving productivity. However, with large capital outlays needed for copiers, security, PBX, and VoIP technologies, many smaller companies fall behind. Recognising this, we provide a rental option that makes it possible for smaller companies to enjoy the technology’s full benefits affordably.

With our rental solution, clients immediately gain access to essential office-automation technologies. They can upgrade when needed. Because they can spread out the cost over a period, gaining access to the most relevant technologies is easier. As such, they don’t end up with redundant technologies that can only be replaced once they have enough capital to do so.

How We Can Help Your Company

If your business has not yet experienced the many benefits of office automation, get in touch for a catalogue of our solutions and more information about our rental options.

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