How Hosted PBX Helps

/How Hosted PBX Helps

How Hosted PBX Helps Your Company to Save Money and Improve Communication


With the countrywide roll-out of fibre, more and more companies move to hosted PBX solutions rather than opting for in-house private business exchange networks. It is not surprising since hosted PBX offers the same standard features as conventional PABX at a fraction of the cost. With the ability to slash a significant part of telecommunication costs while improving communications, there is no reason to delay in switching to the solution fit for the modern digital business environment.

Why Choose Hosted PBX for Your Company?

Let’s consider the features and advantages of our affordable hosted PBX for businesses of all sizes:

  • Flexible Technology

Benefit from the flexibility and add more extensions without requiring more hardware. Support for SIP Trunks, Gateways, and Softphones makes it possible for employees to work from home. They can get their voicemail messages without needing to call in for them and never have to give out their cellphone numbers to clients. With this technology, you can scale up or down and still benefit from exceptional affordability. With hosted PBX, you don’t pay for the number of extensions. Instead, you pay for the number of calls made at the same time.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Call Transfers

The customer doesn’t want the annoyance of having to wait for a call transfer just to find out the person is not available at present. With colleague presence, it is possible to immediately know whether the receiver is busy with another call, in a meeting, or not available to take calls. With such, calls can be transferred to an available consultant and thereby save time. This improves customer satisfaction levels.

  • Range of Online Collaboration Tools

From webinars to instant messaging, audio conferencing and video calls are among the tools available. The hosted PBX makes it possible for your business to operate even during the economic lockdown period as if your employees are working in the office.

  • Exceptional Mobility

Whether your employees work from home, at their desks, somewhere in the building, or on the road, they can take calls, participate in web conferences, check their voicemail messages, and interact with clients. Transfers can be made to their cellphones or softphone systems, allowing for more freedom of movement. This also helps to increase productivity as communication is not limited to employees being at their desks. Clients don’t have to wait until the consultants return to office as communication is facilitated regardless of where the consultants work.

  • Improved Customer Relations

With hosted PBX, it is possible to create more personal communication such as live chats, instant messaging, and immediate transfers to the correct consultants. Automatic answering is also possible to help the customer select and get to the right department without having to speak to several operators before doing so.

In Conclusion

Hosted PBX has all the bells and whistles of conventional PABX systems but without the need for expensive hardware and maintenance. Upgrading or expanding is quick, and you have exceptional control over features.

Experience the best of PABX without the cost associated with it. Get in touch to join thousands of companies who already benefit from our affordable hosted PBX solutions.

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