Upgrade to a Hosted PABX System

/Upgrade to a Hosted PABX System

How Hosted PBX Helps to Overcome the Limitations of a Conventional PABX System

Although a conventional PABX system has many useful features, advances in technology have made it possible to overcome the limitations of the traditional PABX such as:

  • High start-up expenses associated with the installation of the system.
  • Maintenance and repair costs.
  • The downtime when repairs must be made.
  • Labour costs associated with full-time employment of a manager.
  • The need for extra space for the server cabinet, wires, phone cables, and equipment for call management.
  • Troubleshooting issues.

Why Do Companies Still Use Traditional In-House PABX Systems?

Considering the issues such as the high cost-to-company regarding maintenance, equipment purchasing, floor space rental, and limitations in scalability, why do companies still use the technology?

Companies that have many on-site employees without anyone working remotely may feel that the original investment in a PABX solution has been worth it. No doubt, the solution has many benefits such as call answering, routing, and more. Such companies have large IT departments with employees capable of maintaining system updates. These firms normally also don’t expect their operations to change within the next 36 months.

However, even for firms in the above category, making the switch to a more affordable and scalable solution can be exceptionally beneficial. They can upgrade to the modern hosted PBX with SIP trunking support, making it possible to get all the benefits of the conventional solution. This can be achieved while using fewer resources and not having to deal with expensive maintenance issues.

What Is Required for the Upgrade?

If your firm also has a conventional PABX system, you can thus make the change without incurring hefty costs. Simply fit your current PBX with SIP trunking. You can then experience benefits such as a significant reduction in your telecommunication bill and maintenance expenses.

How Your Company Benefits From the Switch to Hosted PBX

With hosted PBX you can make in-house calls for free and have the advantage of on-demand usage of toll-free and local numbers. The initial installation and configuration costs are minimal while you benefit from our technical support. You can also expand your business communication functionalities considerably and benefit from the solution being scalable with your business communication needs. The solution can handle peak-time increases in phone calls while international calls go through the Internet. As such, your international communication costs are significantly reduced.

Remote employees can use an app to have calls forwarded to their devices. They can also have calls directed directly to their tablets, smartphones, or notebooks. This can be done regardless of where they are located.

The installation is straightforward, with almost no maintenance needed. Indeed, it is possible to install the hosted PBX within a day. In more complex situations, a gradual switch can be made from the conventional PABX system to the hosted solution. You don’t need a full-time technician or manager, and with our technical experts, troubleshooting is a breeze. You can thus save a considerable amount of money by making the switch as soon as possible.

Switch Now to Experience the Benefits

We even make it easy to get expert analyses of your business-communication needs and requirements to switch from the conventional PABX system to our hosted solution. Get in touch for a site analysis.

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