Hosted PABX for Your Business

/Hosted PABX for Your Business

How Does Hosted PABX Work?

A hosted PABX is a private branch exchange that is accessible over a virtual network. It is basically a telephone switchboard that uses a cloud network. Since it uses a network in the cloud, the telephone switching system is accessible through an Internet connection. This means a significant reduction in hardware and software expenses since your existing hardware is used and you don’t need special software licences.

If your business still uses the traditional PABX, you may want to make the switch to a more cost-effective off-site hosted PBX solution this year, especially with the large scale rolling out of fibre across South Africa in 2020. With hosted PBX, you have the basic features of a physical PABX, just without the high maintenance costs, the hardware required and the scaling limitations of conventional PABX.

If your business has recently expanded and you have not yet installed a traditional PABX, rather go the cloud-PBX route as it is scalable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. Add the benefit of easy set-up, and there is no reason to work with expensive solutions.

So, How Does It Work?

Instead of using in-house telephony that is cable and hardware-based, the communication infrastructure is hosted by us as a reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. That means we manage the hardware, thereby taking the maintenance, infrastructure, and risk loads from your shoulders. Whereas you normally have phone extensions for every user, these extensions are replaced with VoIP phones, and your existing data network is used to make the switch. It is thus a straightforward process.

What Do You Get With the Hosted Solution?

You benefit from having the superb features of an in-house system and more. These features include:

  • Call transfers (routing)
  • Voicemail
  • Voice recording
  • Web conferencing
  • Colleague presence
  • SIP phone support
  • Secure calls

Any SIP phone can work on the solution. Your phone communication uses the same network as your computers. The information is transferred to the cloud or virtual PBX and then to the data centre where servers route the calls to publicly switching telephone systems, referred to as PSTN and to other VoIP service providers.

Easy Management of Call Handling

You stay in control of how the calls are managed since you can access the voice portal through your Internet connection. This makes it possible for you to adjust settings as needed. This can all be done from your usual Internet browser. Such convenience is fitting for 2020, especially with many employees now working from home. The process is the same, whether you operate a business with 50 or more employees or have a small business with 12 or so employees.

What Is the Difference Between Cloud and PBX SIP Trunking?

With the cloud PBX platform, the phones connect through the outsourced VoIP data centre. Each phone gets a login and is pre-configured before it is registered on the SIP server. You get the important features of a PABX such as web conferencing, email delivery services, voicemail, colleague presence, and auto attending to calls.

With the latter, you get an IP PBX and can use the SIP trunking system. It is extremely cost-effective and can be scaled quickly. This is the solution to choose if you already have a PABX and want the additional benefits associated with being able to route calls to a virtual or a physical office. The SIP trunking is an excellent solution if you operate a large office or want to make a gradual switch to hosted PBX. Keep in mind that the full cloud solution has more features. In both instances, you have exceptional flexibility and control over cost management while you can also improve call features. With the cloud solution, you can change settings for optimised call flowing.

In Conclusion

Hosted PBX is more cost-effective than the in-house physical PABX system. It is time to streamline and improve your company’s communication abilities. Get in touch to make the switch.

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