PABX System That Meets Your Needs

/PABX System That Meets Your Needs

Get PABX System that Fits Your Company Size and Communication Needs

Does your current PABX system restrict your ability to enhance communication across the board without having to make a significant upfront capital investment? Do you own a smaller company with between 10 and 20 employees and want the advantages of a PABX system, but don’t want the restrictions and high cost of maintenance associated with the conventional solution?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you’ll benefit from our range of solutions from industry leaders such as Epygi & Mitel, in addition to our cost-effective unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions that offer the same advantages of conventional PABX without the price tag. We offer straightforward and affordable systems to help your company save on communication costs, increase the mobility of employees, reduce maintenance time, and benefit from functionalities such as colleague presence.

Hosting Solutions

Instead of installing a physical PABX system at your premises, with the hosting solution, your existing phones, computers, and connectivity can be used. With this solution, your firm has all the basic functionalities of the conventional solution. its advantages include:

  • Flexibility, as the technology can be adapted to your changing communication needs without having to install additional hardware.
  • A host of online communication tools for your preferred way of collaboration. Communication tools include instant messaging, audio-based collaboration, web presentations, video calling, voice calling, video conferencing, and webinars or web conferencing.
  • Improve mobility with the ability to connect employees from any device 24/7, wherever they are located.
  • Improvement in customer communication with instant messaging, online chats, and video calls.

Solutions for Large Firms

If you prefer the more conventional set-up of an in-house system or simply want to upgrade your current solution to a more reliable and cost-effective PABX, consider our products from top brands. These solutions provide you with reliable switchboard operation as well. Solutions are tailored to meet your firm’s communication needs and include phones, software, headsets, contact-centre solutions, and a comprehensive suite of mobile applications. Consistency in performance is essential when it comes to communication. To this end, you will be glad to know that our PABX systems adhere to high industry standards.

Finance for the Solution of Choice

We understand the importance of cash-flow management. We also know how essential it is to ensure the best possible communication channels throughout your company. To this end, we provide you with a rental option to reduce the need for upfront capital. You can thus immediately get the solution you need and spread the cost over an agreed period. Going this route makes it possible to pay for the solution while you earn income. Avoid red tape since the solution is financed through your firm’s operational budget. As such, the long wait for approval from the board of directors for capital investment is eliminated. You can upgrade the equipment before the rental term is over and with exceptionally low rates, you don’t add to monthly expenses. Also, benefit from using the rental as a tax-deductible expense. With no escalation on rental apart from the price increase, you are able to budget for your needs.

Get the PABX system that meets your company size and growth needs. Get in touch for more information.

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