6 Reasons to Switch to Hosted PABX

/6 Reasons to Switch to Hosted PABX

6 Reasons to Switch from Conventional Telephony to Hosted PABX

In the competitive business world of today, it is essential to cut on communication costs while also improving the way your employees communicate and collaborate. You want to improve customer experience, stay connected, and heighten productivity. It seems like a tall order, but it is possible with hosted PABX. If you want to achieve all the above for your firm, switching to a hosted PABX solution is the answer. Below are the top ways your business can benefit from hosted PABX.

  1. Cut costs and not lines. Cost efficiency is a priority when it comes to communication. With lower cost-to-company associated with hosted PABX, you save money. An in-house solution entails maintenance, which equals employing in-house technicians. As an alternative, you need to pay for call-out fees from technicians, which can also cut into your profits. In-house solutions require complex infrastructure, regular servicing, and maintenance. This also means downtime. And any downtime in communication means revenue loss. With this innovative solution, the PABX is hosted by a third party. It doesn’t require extensive infrastructure. The current infrastructure can be utilised and upgraded. The Internet connection is used for the telephony and adding new handsets or lines. It doesn’t require infrastructure changes.
  2. Scale up as your business grows. This brings us to the issue of adding or reducing lines. With the conventional system, adding extra lines means investing in more cables. With this solution, you can add more extensions and mobile devices without needing new hardware. Scalability is superb, meaning the solution grows with your company.
  3. No downtime for maintenance. Instead of having to interrupt communications to maintain, upgrade, or downscale, as is the case with the conventional system, you have experienced technicians from the third party to ensure hassle-free additions and maintenance without interrupting your communication.
  4. Clear voice communication. Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with poor audio quality. Customers become frustrated if they cannot hear what the salesperson or operator is saying. With conventional telephony, you have the problem of interference on the line. There is also the issue of lag related to long-distance calls. With hosted PABX, you have superb voice quality. Indeed, web conferencing and video calls can also be done because of the speed of the connection.
  5. Reliable operation even during bad weather. Stormy weather affects legacy systems. The telephone lines are often the first to experience problems during poor weather. Eliminate the risk with the hosted PABX Regardless of weather conditions, you will be able to communicate effectively and clearly with customers, business partners, and remote employees.
  6. Customisation to meet employees’ needs. More and more employees work from home or remote locations. The days of being desk-bound are long gone. You need communication solutions to ensure each employee can communicate effectively with the office wherever they are. With the hosted PABX, the preferences can be set according to employee requirements.

Many more features make hosted PABX the best solution for improved telephony and collaboration. Get in touch for more information on how we can help your company save on costs whilst improving your communication technology.

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