VTN Communications, as a force in the telecommunications industry was established in 2011 after forming a Partnership with a successful least cost routing company, (Centracom) and a large PABX vendor, MIA Telecoms.

What We Do

VTN Communications is a registered Samsung dealer, and an Authorised Representative of MIA Telecoms (PTY) Ltd. for the supply and service of the Samsung PABX systems, together with our VoIP solutions.

In order to reduce telephony and communication cost, we assist businesses to utilize a predictable, cost effective solution that is both location independent and easily managed.  To meet this need, VTN Communications offers a range of Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions.  The VoIP solutions are carrier-grade and capable of handling thousands of concurrent Voice calls via a country wide multi protocol label switching data network.

VTN Communications, its subsidiaries and strategic partners have vast experience in the VoIP industry and as a turn-key solutions provider offer value added services in the following areas:

  • PBX Systems & Maintenance
  • Telephone Management Systems
  • VoIP
  • Radio Links
  • Wi-Fi
  • Copier & Printing

Samsung’s strength continues to be in the quality and reliability of its products and products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re of the highest standards. All Samsung PABX products are ISO 9000 approved and within the South Africa market, ICASA approved.

Samsung PABX products are sold worldwide in every major country, meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

Vision & Strategy


Mission Statement

To establish a personal relationship with each client, regardless of their size, or the amount of equipment they purchase.  To deliver, in a professional and cost effective manner, the quality products and services that the modern day professional demand from their service provider’s, whilst contributing to a sound employment equity policy.


To Deliver what the client expects.
To share the truth with you always.
To be consistent in the way we do ethical business.
Servant Hood:
To give the service that comes from within an no
"lip service".

Business Goals and Objectives

VoIP is a collection of technologies that allow voice communications to be transmitted, over in Internet Protocol (IP) network. VTN communications is perfectly positioned to provide any company with the VoIP solution that is ideal for any business.  Together with our PABX partners, these solutions are highly scalable and can be tailored to suit your specific needs while at the same time provisioning for future growth and technology advancements, and can leverage off your existing infrastructure

Benefits of VoIP

This solution integrates with any business’s existing network architecture and allows you to route voice calls via your data network to other branches.  You will also be able to route voice calls through the VoIP solution to local, national, mobile or international destinations at rates of up to 58% cheaper than by fixed line.
Aside from the cost effectiveness of this product, the VoIP solutions will provide your business with the following:

  • Superior quality of service
  • Expedited voice data across the network
  • Fraud detection and monitoring capabilities
  • Mobile number portablity connectivity
  • Lawful interception capabilities
  • Reduuntant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
  • All calls billed per second with no minimum call charge
  • Lower rates between customers using a VoIP solution
  • All calls between branches are free on the (Centracom) network

Management and Ownership


The Directors of VTN Communications has a combined experience of 45 years active years in the copier and telecommunications industry.  The staff have been carefully selected and trained for experience in the telephony solutions.  Experienced VTN Communications account managers provide end to end solutions of voice and data traffic with superior quality of service.  Our members consist of the following:

  • Louis Van Der Wath   10 years experience.